Bertrand Chaffee Hospital is committed to pricing and billing transparency and has posted, in machine readable format, our Chargemaster, or list of standard hospital charges for each service or item.

  • These charges represent only the standard charges provided by our hospital.
  • The information on this page and related files is not a quote or guarantee of actual charges, and does not account for any variables in a patient’s medical condition, complications, length of stay, use of laboratory tests, use of pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • This information also does not account for whether a patient has health insurance or the availability of other discounts. Patients should always contact the hospital’s financial services staff and their health insurance provider for specific information.

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital’s charges are the same for all patients; however, a patient’s responsibility will vary depending on many factors. In addition to public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, there are many health plans and employers that self-insure for employee health benefits. Each of these payers offer a range of coverage products and each coverage product can have a different definition of what is and is not covered, what the patient cost sharing (co-payments, deductibles or both) as well as payment methodologies and rules.

There is no standard set of requirements and rules; BCH must follow each plan’s specific requirements. In addition, BCH must comply with payers’ requirements for pre-authorization, admission notification, utilization review all of which impact the patient’s ultimate financial responsibility.

Patients with questions about this list or their specific bill can call (716) 592-2871 ext. 1202.

BCH maintains programs for patients that cannot afford to pay for services. Contact (716) 592-2871 ext. 1207  for that information.

The charges reflected in the attached files and the summary reflect the fees for hospital services and not necessarily all the services of professionals including physicians and some specialty services. Consumers can expect a charge from a treating emergency room physician, an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, a radiologist, and/or a hospitalist physician, among others.

Hospital Price Transparency

Hospital price transparency helps Americans know the cost of a hospital item or service before receiving it. Starting January 1, 2021, each hospital operating in the United States will be required to provide clear, accessible pricing information online about the items and services they provide in two ways:

  1. As a comprehensive machine-readable file with all items and services.
  2. In a display of shoppable services in a consumer-friendly format.

This information will make it easier for consumers to shop and compare prices across hospitals and estimate the cost of care before going to the hospital.

For more information about Bertrand Chaffee Hospital’s pricing, please click this link: