Primary Care Patients

Access your Primary Care portal online. This link is for patients who have enrolled or who wish to enroll in online access to their primary care records.

Patients: YourCareCommunity

This portal contains records for individuals who have stayed on our medical/surgical floor (second floor) as admitted or observation patients; received care in our emergency department; and/or, used our lab facility for blood or urine testing.

YourCareCommunity is an online patient portal to access inpatient records, lab results and emergency department care records.

These online portals are valuable resources for patients looking to access their health records and information.

Caregivers and parents can also access records through this system.

Community Members: YourCareEverywhere

Sign up for an account or log-in to YourCareEverywhere. You do not need to be a patient at Bertrand Chaffee Hospital to sign up for this web site. Access health information, medical resources and other useful data. If, in the future, you become a patient or use our lab facility, you will be able to use this account for your medical data.