Acts of Selflessness

By Jennifer Siragusa, Director of Patient Services, Bertrand Chaffee Hospital

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “seeing is believing.” This saying could not be more relevant now, especially in the healthcare field or, for that matter, any service-related industry.

As you walk in to a crowded hospital waiting room in your local community, you may be alarmed at first by the sheer volume of people waiting for care, perhaps you may feel disgruntled by the time you are waiting to be seen by a provider.

What you don’t see beyond the busy waiting area is what is happening behind the waiting room door.

What you don’t see is the unresponsive baby who had been rushed in by ambulance who is requiring the attention and care from half of the Emergency Department staff or the teenage boy involved in a skiing accident who arrived hours after you did who will lose his leg if he isn’t treated immediately.

What you don’t see while you waited 20 minutes for pain medication or 10 minutes for assistance to use the bathroom is the nurse performing chest compressions on the mother of three young children so that she might have a chance to see her children grow up.

Our doctors and nurses perform these actions every day, most of which go unseen or untold. They are entrusted to save lives, to provide outstanding care, and to deliver that care with compassion and kindness.

What we as patients and community members don’t necessarily see or feel is that the figurative rubber band of healthcare has snapped – the people we depend upon to perform these extraordinary acts of selflessness have been stretched to their breaking point. Despite clocking longer hours and fielding complaints of circumstances beyond their control, they weather this unparalleled environment with poise and pride. They are working harder than ever with less resources than ever, yet they continually show up so they can respectfully care for your loved ones and neighbors with dignity.

Please, the next time you are at your local healthcare facility, even your local grocery store, restaurant, or gas station, consider your interactions with the people you are depending upon to care for you, to serve you. You may not be seeing the full picture of what is going on in their workday, what is going on “behind the scenes”.

Your patience and understanding goes a long way with the staff who are working selflessly and tirelessly to make sure your small community hospital can care for your emergent needs.

Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home Hosting CNA Class starting January 3

Jennie B. Richmond is hiring CNA’s and has a training class beginning on January 3, 2022! Looking for a new career to start the New Year? After successful completion of the four-week training course and probation period, new CNA’s will be eligible for a sign-on bonus!
If interested in applying or to learn more, please email or call (716) 592-2871.

BCH Visitation Restriction

Updated: 10/7/2021

Effective Immediately: Due to the increased volume and high transmission rate of Covid-19, visitation to the Second Floor (Medical-Surgical Floor) is restricted.

If a visitor is essential to the care of the family member or if the visitor is a family member or legal representative of a patient in imminent end-of-life situations, we ask that the visitor goes to the switchboard upon arrival in order to request special permission to visit.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our patients, employees, and community safe!

Bertrand Chaffee Lab Adds New Equipment

The Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Laboratory is happy to announce the arrival of new Analyzers for the Chemistry Department. The chemistry analyzers use cutting-edge technology that will allow the laboratory to better serve the patients of our community with enhanced efficiency and reliability.

The Chemistry analyzers are medical laboratory devices used to calculate the concentration of certain substances within samples of serum, urine and/or other body fluids.

Substances analyzed through these instruments include certain metabolites, electrolytes, proteins, and/or drugs. This aids the provider with diagnosis and treatments of patients.

Bertrand Chaffee Health Center Prepares for Grand Opening

Bertrand Chaffee Health Center is slated to open its doors to patients and the community on Monday, July 19. At that time, Bertrand Chaffee Primary Care will make its new home in the Health Center building at 210 East Main Street, directly adjacent to Bertrand Chaffee Hospital.

In preparation for the transition and grand opening, Bertrand Chaffee Primary Care will be closed on Friday, July 16. Should patients need to contact the Primary Care offices, please call 716-592-8140. All appointments on and after July 19 will be located on the first floor of the new Bertrand Chaffee Health Center building.

The construction of the new Bertrand Chaffee Health Center is made possible through an $11.3 million grant from New York State Health Care Facility Transformation Program, awarded to Bertrand Chaffee Hospital in 2017. This award is the largest in Bertrand Chaffee Hospital’s history.

This five-year investment by the New York State, enabled BCH to build the new Health Center Building to house primary care and provide specialty clinical space, acquire and install a permanent MRI machine, upgrade digital mammography to support 3D scans, purchase a nuclear medicine camera to support our growing cardiology department, and invest in a facility-wide electronic health record system.

“Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home are vital community assets for Springville and its surrounding communities,” said Nils Gunnersen, CEO of Bertrand Chaffee Hospital.  “Investments in our campus strengthen the local economy and improve health outcomes,” he said. The New York State Department of Health recognizes our value and with their support, has enabled the construction of our new Health Center building. We are eager to begin seeing patients in our newest addition and to continue to ‘Keep Healthcare Local’ for our community members.

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Updated Visitation Policy and Hours

Updated Medical Floor Visiting Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm*

  • All visitors must check in and be screened for symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, or fever) or potential exposure to someone with COVID-19.
  • All visitors must wear a mask upon entering the facility.
  • All visitors must be 12 years of age or older.
  • Up to two visitors per patient are allowed at one time.

* In accordance with the NYS Department of Health screening guidelines, visitors outside the posted visiting hours may be allowed only with the approval and coordination of the nurse manager or nursing supervisor on duty.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Vaccine Scheduling – 4/7/2021

We still have plenty of time slots still available for the Moderna vaccine!

Moderna appointments – Friday 4/9 3-8pm (second dose Friday 5/7) and Saturday 4/10 (second dose Saturday 5/8).

Please call 716-261-5893 OR 716–261-6965. Vaccines are open for all individuals 18+ years of age.

Vaccine Scheduling – 4/6/2021

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital is scheduling a series of vaccine clinics for both the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.  Please call 716-261-5893 OR 716–261-6965 starting at 9am TOMORROW (Tuesday). Vaccines are open for all individuals 18+ years of age.

Johnson and Johnson appointments will be scheduled Wednesday 4/7 3-8pm and Friday 4/9 8am-3pm.

Moderna appointments will be scheduled Friday 4/9 3-8pm (second dose Friday 5/7) and Saturday 4/10 (second dose Saturday 5/8).

Get a head start by completing your eligibility form:

Please be patient during this scheduling process – phone lines are very busy. We thrilled to be providing this service to our community!

Vaccine Scheduling – 3/5/2021


Bertrand Chaffee Hospital is scheduling a LIMITED number of Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine appointments for any individual who qualifies for category 1A or 1B as determined by the NYS Department of Health (essential worker, 65+ years of age, or comorbidities as determined by NYS DOH). This clinic is by appointment only.

Please call (716) 261-5893 OR (716) 261-6965 to schedule. Please be patient, as we anticipate a high volume of callers during this time. Please DO NOT leave a voicemail message as the mailbox is not monitored; please DO NOT call the Hospital Main Phone line to schedule. Once these appointment are full, we will post an updated status on Facebook. The phone line will only be on when there are available appointments.

Please keep checking our Facebook page or website (under News and Events) for updates as more vaccine becomes available.