With direction from the volunteer-led board of directors, the BCH leadership team manages hospital and nursing home operations.

Nils Gunnersen, CEO

Since 2009, Nils Gunnersen has managed hospital operations. Under his leadership, Bertrand Chaffee Hospital has established a Primary Care Center, Heart Center and Surgical Center, and recruited healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality medical services in our rural area.

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Teresa Donohue, CFO

Teresa Donohue manages hospital and nursing home finances, billing and information technology services.

Edwin Heidelberger, MD, PhD, Vice President of Medical Affairs

As a primary care physician with a background in public health, Dr. Heidelberger leads hospital quality initiatives.

Jennifer Siragusa, RN, Director of Patient Care Services

Mary Beth Brown, Director of Support Services

Allysa Olsen, Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home Administrator