The Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Board of Directors meets monthly.

BCH Board 2017

July 2017 Board Meeting and Celebration of the Statewide Healthcare Facility Transformation Award

2017-2018 Board of Directors

President: Gary Eppolito
Vice President: Dr. Robbin Hansen
Secretary: Karen Stanford
Treasurer: Michael Boza

Mark Alianello

Michael Boza Michael Boza
Jacqueline Dias Jacqueline Dias
Gary Eppolito Gary Eppolito
Shawna Gugino

Stanley Handzlik Stanley Handzlik
Johanna Healy
Claudia Miller Claudia Miller

Robbin Hansen, MD Robbin Hansen, MD

Robert Roggie Robert Roggie

Donna Schiener Donna Schiener

Karen Stanford Karen Stanford

Peter Swales Peter Swales