Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home Resumption of Nursing Home Visitation

Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home is pleased to announce the resumption of visitation at the Nursing Home, effective 7/17/2020. Visitations are able to resume so long as the facility remains free of any COVID-positive cases in either residents or staff for 28 consecutive days and our region is in at least Phase 3, as determined by the Governor of New York State.

Per the guidelines determined by the New York State Department of Health:

  • No more than 10% of Nursing Home residents shall have visitors at any one time and only two visitors will be allowed per resident at one time (one visitor must be over 18 years of age).
  • If there is a COVID-positive diagnosis in either a Nursing Home Resident or Staff Member or our region falls below Phase 3, Nursing Home visitation will be suspended immediately until further notice.
  • Exclusions from this policy and criteria include if a Nursing Home Resident is: under Hospice care, end of life care, or a significant change in condition.
  • Visitation will not be allowed for any Resident who is under isolation precautions including, but not limited to, a new admission or readmission from a hospital.

Visitations will be limited and must be scheduled in advance by calling (716) 592-2871 x 4776.

Visitation procedures are as follows:

  • Visitors must call ahead and schedule a time to visit with their loved one. The visitation schedule is as follows: Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:30am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:30pm; Sunday from 9:30am to 12:00pm.
  • All visitors must report to the screening area in the front main entrance at Jennie B. Richmond prior to and when leaving the facility for their visit.
  • Visitors must wear a face mask fully covering their nose and mouth upon entering the facility and remain wearing it while in the facility.
  • Visitors will sign in with their contact information, have their temperature taken and recorded, and will answer the following questions:
  • Have you experienced any shortness of breath or a cough?
  • Are you currently being treated for a lung infection?
  • Have you travelled outside of New York State or the U.S. or have you come in contact with someone who has travelled outside of the U.S. in the last 30 days?
  • If the visitor(s) pass the screening process, they will be given a Visitor Badge to wear during their visit which will include their name, room number of the Resident they are visiting, and the date/time.
  • Visits will occur in the outside courtyard area or, in the case of inclement weather, the main dining room. Visiting areas will be spaced appropriately for proper social distancing.

Should family or loved ones have questions regarding visitation policies or procedures, we encourage you to contact Allysa Olsen, Nursing Home Administrator, at (716) 592-2871 x 1201.

We are pleased to resume visitation and are working diligently to adhere to the NYS Department of Health guidelines and provide as safe of an experience as possible. We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times. Thank you!