BCH Enhances X-Ray Technology

Digital radiography equipment installed in Imaging Department

Digital X-ray at BCHBertrand Chaffee Hospital made a significant investment in its Imaging Department at the end of 2016. The facility remodeled one of the radiographic (“x-ray”) rooms and installed a new digital radiography (DR) machine.

This equipment represents the leading technology in an effort to lower patient dose while capturing high image quality and detail. DR images show finer detail that will help in the diagnosing of injuries and medical conditions.  This new technology will assist in the treatment that patients receive from emergency medicine providers, orthopedists, surgeons, physical therapists and other specialists.

“The images we take with this machine show incredible detail,” said Lisa Smith, imaging department manager. “We can use lower doses of radiation to produce images, and they’re available immediately with no waiting.”

“Our shift to digital radiography also factored in the room design,” Smith continued. “The table helps us comply with the Safe Patient Handling Act, with the height adjusting from one-and-a-half to three feet,” Smith continued. “That makes the process of getting an x-ray much more comfortable and safer for patients.”

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital continues to make investments in its clinical technologies. “To have this available for emergency, inpatient and outpatient use means that patients do not have to travel out of the area to receive standard of care for imaging services,” said CEO Nils Gunnersen. “That’s a strong consideration, especially when a patient is dealing with pain or discomfort.”

For more information about the Imaging Department at BCH, call (716) 592-8169. The hospital also offers digital mammography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, CT and bone density testing.