Healthy Eating: Tailgate Edition

Dietitian Kyle Schwan and Certified Diabetic Educator Kathleen Hebdon, RN from Bertrand Chaffee Hospital presented to a group at the Concord Senior Center about healthy eating with a tailgate theme for fall on Wednesday, October 24.

The group was able to sample from cauliflower “chicken” wings, potato skins and a veggie tray, all prepared with healthy portions and healthier ingredients in mind.

Tips from the presentation included:

  • Use a mix of 50/50 ground beef and ground turkey instead of all beef. Turkey is a leaner meat.
  • Instead of sausage, try grilled chicken or bean burgers, and instead of a large roll, substitute smaller slider-size rolls for variety.
  • Dips can be made from yogurt, low-fat sour cream, cottage cheese, hummus and even creamy tofu.
  • Try whole grain options for chips and breads.
  • Arrange fruit and vegetables into colorful and creative arrangements.

Interest for another, similar event was strong, so look for information about future presentations in 2019.