Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home CEO Announces Retirement

BCH & JBR CEO Nils Gunnersen

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home CEO Nils Gunnersen announced he will be stepping down from his leadership role by the end of 2022.

“Nils has served as CEO of Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home since December 2008 and has provided visionary leadership to our campus throughout his tenure,” said Gary Eppolito, President of the Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Board of Directors. “His guidance has not only preserved but has grown services and certainly fulfilled our organizational mission of Keeping Healthcare Local.”

Under Gunnersen’s leadership, BCH has made great strides at advancing local healthcare. Some of these many accomplishments include the creation of BCH Primary Care, BCH Heart Center, and the BCH Surgical Centers, modernization of the imaging department, and strengthening the partnerships with Keystone Healthcare and Mercy EMS / Mercy Flight.

“We will miss Nils’ experience as a health leader, we will miss his thoughtful leadership, but we will especially miss the great sense of humor he shared with us, even during unprecedented and stressful times for the healthcare industry,” said Johanna Healy,  Chair of the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee. 

Recently, Gunnersen was instrumental in the completion of the construction of the Bertrand Chaffee Health Center, recruitment of new providers for the Primary Care Center, and establishment of the Bertrand Chaffee Orthopaedic Surgery Center. Notably, Gunnersen has been responsible for making strategic investments to our campus while recruiting and retaining a multitude of new providers and staff to BCH and JBR, as well as strengthening BCH’s position of independence as organization. 

“It has been my pleasure to serve Springville and the surrounding communities over the last 14 years,” shared Gunnersen. “I am proud of what we, as a team, have accomplished together to strengthen local healthcare services. My utmost gratitude and appreciation goes out to the BCH and Foundation Boards, volunteers, physicians, and staff. We could not have accomplished our many achievements without the commitment and tireless work of these great people.  It has been my privilege to be a part of this dedicated team. A special thank you for the tremendous support Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home receives from our community. We are so honored to serve and take care of you.” “The Board has formed a Committee to begin the important work of identifying Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home’s next leader,” stated Eppolito. “We are committed to a transition by the end of the calendar year.”