Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home operates and coordinates a Certified Nurse Aide Training program that is approved by New York State.

Classes generally begin every other month. Individuals with experience in healthcare, community volunteering, home health aide work, or caring for loved ones at home are encouraged to apply.

Applying for CNA Training

To apply, fill out an application for the Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home and indicate that you are applying for the CNA training class. Prospective participants will:

  • Participate in an interview with the JBR in-service coordinator
  • Participate in a “shadow day,” following an experienced CNA on a 6 a.m.-2 p.m. shift
  • Have fingerprints taken – must have a clear record to attend the classes


Once certification is earned, CNAs are able to work in home care settings, residential and nursing facilities, and hospitals. Some applicants use the CNA training as a first step toward a career in nursing, as LPNs or RNs. Once class is completed and before they test for certification, students receive a certificate from our facility stating they completed the required hours.


Once accepted into the CNA Training and hired by JBR, there is no cost to the employee. JBR will pay the costs for taking the CNA certification exam.

Pay Schedule

Student employees are paid $10.40/hour for their class time. We guarantee employment at our facility after the student passes the CNA exam and received NYS certification. Though we do not guarantee full- or part-time positions, we offer employment based on JBR staffing needs. Students are not required to sign a contract with JBR. Our goal is to provide quality training for future CNAs with the hope that they will stay to care for our residents.


The information on this page is a very basic overview of our CNA training. For details and further information, contact Emily Moore at (716) 592-2871 ext.1289.