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About Primary Care


What is Primary Care?

One definition of primary care is health care at a basic rather than a specialized level for people making an initial approach to a doctor or nurse for treatment. 

There are several kinds of Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and many services a primary care center can provide for the patient. 

Family Practice or Family Medicine physicians are trained to recognize and treat health conditions common to children and adults.  They provide annual checkups, age appropriate screenings, and vaccinations.  These physicians have the advantage of gaining a comprehensive view of the whole family. 

Internal Medicine or Internists physicians are experts in adult health.  They provide complete physical examinations, routine screenings and preventative care.  They also work with specialists as needed to treat more serious conditions. 

Pediatric Primary Care physicians or Pediatricians specialize in pediatric health from infancy through young adulthood.  They provide annual checkups, age appropriate screenings and vaccinations.  Pediatricians also diagnose and treat acute and chronic pediatric disorders, and monitor children’s physical and psychosocial growth and development. 


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